Linux Rocks

Big file editor

mostly system admins or DBA has this issue. they need to open up a very big sql dump/access logs and look into that. maybe make simple changes and save them. here is a open source C++/Qt project for that purpose. you can download it from here

Maven Swt

Java is my main place for development. I develop N-tier applications with spring hibernate. anyways in java world there is a jar hell. there used to be dll hell for windows platforms. its just like that. there are a lot of libraries and a lot of versions which depends to each others at some version numbers. its really hard to if you want to include all jars manually.

in that situation Maven is the saver. Its the best and easy platform for software development under java. with simple clicks in eclipse you can add any dependincy and related libs to your project and use them freely.

mavensqt is skeleton project for developing SWT applications under maven umbrealle with eclipse. enjoy..

Elfinder Servlet

I like jQuery. its a nice javascript library for all situations. anyway I needed a nice WYSIWYG html editor. and I dont wanted big ckeditor or tinymce. I know they are good. but I wanted an editor it only needs jquery and no more.

then I found which is a nice editor and its just like what I wanted. only depends to jquery. and it has a file browser in it. elfinder only supports php. after some search I found this project. it did not support thumbnails in that time and I implemented it here.


One of my projects. and I dont remember who said to me I should move this project to github. and I did it. and after that I played with the code for compiling nicely under Qt4 enviroment. here it is.